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Farm Truck and Auto Insurance

Farm Truck/Auto Insurance

Your farm insurance and your family's insurance may be similar in many ways, but there are distinct differences to a farming truck that must be included in coverage.

Excluding tractors, the vehicles on your ranch or that help run your dairy farm come across different commercial driving scenarios than your personal truck. 

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Moreover, the agribusiness of your farm often requires the need for multiple vehicles, unlike your family auto insurance policies, making the policy closer to commercial truck insurance.  

Let us tailor a comprehensive, specialized insurance program designed to meet your commercial truck and auto insurance needs!

Depending on the insurance carrier chosen to fit your needs, we have many options available to offer the best farm truck and auto protection at an affordable price.

For example, many of our partner insurance companies can provide commercial farm auto and truck insurance as follows:

  • Combining your commercial auto and property coverage to provide you additional savings
  • Placing personal auto insurance on your farm policy can also add to savings
  • Seasonal use or layup on trucks are a smart choice for your specific farming and agribusiness operations
  • Some of our carriers have a common loss deductible, should an accident occur and damage several of your vehicles and buildings

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Farm Truck Auto Insurance

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