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Specialty Programs

Fire, AD&D, and Water Irrigation

Fire departments are one of the special entities the public relies on in traumatic situations. 

Fire departments rely on us to take care  of the specialized insurance needs.

The hazardous nature, specialty equipment, and technical aspects of fire department operations require a specialized program in order to protect their risk exposure.

We utilize Continental Western Groups FirePAK Program, since it is designed to meet the specialized criteria necessary for a fire departments protection.

Not only can we insure fire department property, equipment and their liability exposure, we can insure full time and part time members with life insurance and various accidental death and dismemberment insurance plans.

Training is another benefit available through FirePAK
Follow the link below for more information on how your department can benefit from specialized insurance and the training programs FirePAK offers.

Visit our official Fire Department Insurance page. 

 Water Districts are another special entity that we have experience in supporting.

Colorado is blessed with snow melt from the Rocky Mountain Range to provide the ever valued irrigation water to our farmers in all four corners of Colorado.  The network of reservoirs, canals, laterals and ditches that distribute this irrigation water, are a crucial part of the vast farming operations in Colorado.

Union Colony has the knowledge and experience necessary to insure these special irrigation districts and entities.

We have also formed valued relationships with several companies that specialize water and water distribution entities.
Here are the different areas that we help the large number of water entities:
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance for your stationary equipment and buildings.
  • Inland Marine Insurance is used to insure your mobile equipment, miscellaneous equipment and tools.
  • Business Auto insurance to cover your vehicles.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance to protect the officers and board members of these entities.
  • Umbrella or Excess insurance to extend that liability exposure.
Visit our official Irrigation Districts page.
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