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Workers Compensation for Farmers

Workers Compensation for Your Agribusiness: Get Your Quote Now!

The purpose of workers compensation insurance is to pay for medical care and physical rehabilitation of injured workers on your farm, and to help replace lost wages while the employee is unable to work. 

Does your farm or ranch really need to invest in workers compensation insurance? Most likely yes!

If your ranch or farm employs workers, you should look into workers compensation insurance coverage. Without this protection, you will be responsible for paying the medical expenses and lost wages of your employees who are injured while on the job. 

For your farm, a
gricultural workers may maintain the quality of farm, your crops, and/or your livestock. This may include operating dangerous machinery, or at the very least your tractors, on top of much physical labor.

State laws, which vary significantly, govern the amount of benefits paid and other compensation provisions when handling your unique policy needs.

For the state of Colorado, your employee's workers' compensation claims are administered and enforced by the Colorado Division of Workers Compensation, also known as the CDWC, in the Department of Labor and Employment.

The cost of your professional ranchers liability and workers compensation insurance doesn't have to take the farm. Whether your apply the policy to your farming umbrella insurance or create a separate policy for your liability insurance, let a Union Colony Insurance independent agent talk you through the details. 

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