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Machinery and Equipment

Farm Tractors, Combine Insurance, and Other Equipment Needs

Protecting your farm tractor and other machinery is an important part of a comprehensive and detailed ranch and farm insurance program. This means a portion of your farm insurance policy will cover damage to your tractor, combine, and other equipment beyond accidents. Usually this protection includes theft, damage from fire, explosions, earthquakes, floods, and event riots in and around your farm.


Are you looking to learn more about our coverage options? We at Union Colony insurance know ways to insure your equipment, maximizing protection while providing affordable premiums.

Your plan can include but is not limited to these things and more:

  • We provide Scheduling and/or un-scheduling blanket protection for your farm equipment and hay.
  • We offer primary coverage for your borrowed, rented, or leased farm machinery.
  • We can cover your newly acquired machinery and replacement equipment up to a predetermined value for a specified time.
  • There is foreign object injection coverage for your harvest machines.
  • We cover theft of your miscellaneous tools and equipment
  • We also offer deductibles at either actual cash value or replacement cost options that work for you.

Additional optional coverage can include:

  • Fire department service charges.
  • Pollutant cleanup and debris removal.
  • Damage to property removed for safekeeping.
  • Equipment in transport coverage options.
  • Endorsements that enhance many of the above options.

Get a quote to add your farm tractor to your agribusiness insurance policy today!

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