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Our Expert: Mark Granberg

While Union Colony Insurance has the expertise necessary in caring for your farm and ranch property and liability insurance, we leave the crop insurance up to Mark Granberg.

With over 25 years in the insurance industry, Mark’s passion is managing your agricultural farm risk with Crop Hail Insurance and Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI).


Starting as a crop adjuster with Rain & Hail, LLC, they quickly promoted Mark to field supervisor, and then to regional division manager, where he managed crop adjusters during his corporate tenure. He then left the corporate world to purchase his first crop-only agency and Crop Insurance Experts was born.  Mark spent over 10 years as an agent, using his knowledge in claims and crop policy to guide his customer’s risk management. A couple of years ago, Lori & Mark sold Crop Insurance Experts to American Ag Credit, and Mark became the crop insurance agent for our local American Ag Credit. Mark’s vast experience and expertise gives him the knowledge and necessary tools to meet all your crop insurance needs

Crop Hail Insurance Information

Private insurance markets like us define crop hail Insurance as protection against damage to your growing crops from hail, fire, or lightning. While farms need the standard types of insurance policies that other businesses need, such as property insurance and general liability coverage, you recognize that you have specific needs to cover your crops.

It is not a matter of if hail will damage your crops, but when.

Every farmer, including you, knows the devastation hail causes to crops in our parts of the country.

Here are the details of what crop hail insurance will cover:

  • Unlike multi-peril crop insurance as you will read below, you can purchase this insurance anytime during the growing season.
  • Crop hail insurance covers only the peril of hail to your crops.
  • This is not a subsidized Federal crop insurance program for your farm.
  • Only private insurance agents like Mark can provide Crop-Hail insurance to you.

Multi-Peril Insurance Information

In contrast to crop hail Insurance, multiple-peril crop insurance covers a wider range of yield-reducing conditions, such as drought and insect infestation to your harvest. Another comparison to your crop hail insurance is that the federal government subsidizes multi-peril insurance. Multi-peril crop insurance is not entirely unlike Multiple Peril Insurance for your home or business, in that the policy provides coverage against several different perils.

What you need to know about multi-peril insurance:

  • Your premium is Federally Subsidized.
  • You must purchase your multi-peril insurance prior to planting.
  • Your policy covers losses of the crop yields from all types of natural causes including drought, excessive moisture, freeze, and disease.
  • Choose from a variety of area, yield, or revenue based coverage's for your crops.
  • American Ag Credit has designed additional products and endorsements, offered to cover the portion of the crop not covered by a policy reinsured or approved by Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.

For more information about Crop Insurance, Contact Mark Granberg.

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