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Commercial Property Insurance

Need to Cover Your Apartment Units? Your Cleaning Business? No problem!


What is commercial property insurance?

Businesses have many physical assets that help you run, including your buildings, your premises, computers, specialized equipment, outdoor signage and inventory. If a fire, storm, or thief damages or steals these assets, your business - from your building to your workers - may have to go through a recovery process before your doors can open once more.

Without adequate commercial property coverage, approximately a quarter of businesses fail during the first year following a disaster or theft, your ultimate nightmare. Such events result in hundreds of billions of your dollars in paid claims. Most businesses cannot afford such a substantial loss, and we are willing to bet you are not either.

Commercial property insurance can assist you with repairs, replacements and lost income during a tumultuous time like a natural disaster or theft, so you do not have to go through such losses.

We know all too well about this type of insurance, when the 2013 floods meant costly building repairs to many of our clients.


How does commercial property insurance help?

Commercial property insurance helps businesses like yours survive various situations. These situations include the following:

  • Repair or replacement: Coverage can extend to premises and building assets that are lost, damaged or stolen due to fire, storm, hail, tornado, theft or vandalism. Worth noting, commercial property insurance excludes damage from flooding and earthquakes.
  • Lost income: Income loss results from a business’ inability to run as usual following a disaster. This coverage can offer lost income relief, along with the expenses associated with recovery.
  • Temporary location: A devastated building may no longer be able to support daily operations. Coverage can extend to funding a temporary location while repairs are being made.


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