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| 418 Words | 4 Min Read | D. Hiester |    Now that we are past Halloween and quickly approaching Thanksgiving, the big question on many people’s minds is, “So when will the Christmas Decorations go up?” For many, this is a joyous time of spending quality family time enthralled in the cheer of the season. READ MORE >>

   |  870 words  |  5 min read  |  J.Figgs  | Keeping your kids safe online is a constant battle, one where the technology drastically updates and the dark places/features capitalize on it. Just 20 years ago, chat rooms were the dark, dingy, seedy place parents warned their kids away from. READ MORE >>

| 560 Words | 2 Min Read | Today is America’s official holiday to celebrate love. Whether you show your love to your spouse, your grandmother, or your dog, don’t ever let a day dictate how you love someone. Show your love all year round!! Love often brings big changes into a person’s life. READ MORE >>

Are you eagerly anticipating Christmas to be a joyous or heartbreaking time this year? On one hand, it will be Christmas time full of lights, tinsel, and Christmas cheer. On the other hand, you may be visiting elderly parents or grandparents you haven’t seen in a few month. READ MORE >>

This time of year really takes you on an emotional roller coaster. It's a season that can be full of changes. Less sunlight can make you feel moodier. November/December is a peak time for relationship break-ups. The election just happened, and either your happy or less than excited by the results. READ MORE >>

Well, Halloween is right around the corner. Just don't get too frightened when turning that corner! And as always, this is typically the time where you may have been invited to that one Halloween/costume party gathering and you still don't know what to wear.  READ MORE >>

A student's life is all about preparing. Elementary school prepares you for basic life skills. High school prepares you for the working world or for college. College then prepares you for a career. But this time of preparation is unproductive if there are unknown expectations. READ MORE >>

As a Marketing Intern for Union Colony Insurance, my job involves me working on the computer and social media every day. I am now very aware of what happens on these platforms. A couple weeks ago, I wrote how technology can be like the wild west of the digital age. READ MORE >>

5 Tips for Back to School on a Budget   Is summer coming to a close already? It seems like yesterday the snow melted for the last time, the trees blossomed, the Greeley Stampede started, and the thunderstorms came. READ MORE >>

Should I Plan For An Earthquake at Disneyland? Growing up in Colorado, I had no experience with earthquakes and often heard people say, “There will be a huge earthquake that will make California fall into the ocean one day.” Although they were being sarcastic, as a kid I thought that this was a legitimate possibility. READ MORE >>

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