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| 550 Words | 5 Min Read | We insure many businesses. From chiropractics to retail shops, plumbers to truckers, storage facilities to oriental rug businesses; and talking to business owner after business owner, we know you have a lot on your plate. Some tasks can fall in the checklist category. READ MORE >>

You've probably heard that Equifax was breached over the summer, affecting 143 million customers. The online breach of the credit reporting company meant that names, birth dates, Social Security Numbers, addresses, and driver license numbers were accessed. Because of the breach, millions are at risk of identity theft and similar crimes. READ MORE >>

  |  365 Words  |  2 Min Read  |  J.Figgs  |    Here is a question we hardly ask ourselves before we need to: “What do I do after a car accident?” There are a lot of tips and advice that we can give after a car accident but today we wanted to emphasize when to talk to an insurance agent. READ MORE >>

| 674 Words | 5 min Read | J.Figgs | It is expected that there will be 7 million drones in the U.S. by the year 2020. Drones are not only expanding in popularity during Christmas time but also in specific commercial industries. And we can see why after watching this drone footage video:   READ MORE >>

Do you have equipment breakdown coverage on your home insurance policy? Check out Safeco's infographic for the average homeowner. If a business' equipment breaks down, they may start to lose revenue because of it. But the breakdown of equipment in your home can be just as detrimental. READ MORE >>

| 438 Words | 3 Minute Read | It can be frustrating not knowing what type of coverage you have against water damage vs. flood damage vs. sewage damage. It's all water isn't it? Yes and it all can damage your home.  Here are some questions we frequently get in the office. READ MORE >>

| 1230 Words | 5 Min Read | Wow! Who saw that coming? When you look outside your business or your home and you see this…    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of your first sinking thoughts are, “I hope I don’t have any damage!” READ MORE >>

| 264 Words | 2 min Read | 8 min Video | We came across this interesting video from Butler University where they created a student run insurance company on campus. Over the next several years, there is going to be over 400,000 insurance job openings and only 37,000 students prepped to take over these roles. READ MORE >>

| 2 Min Read | 135 words | After last summer, many of you are still on a waiting list to get your roof repaired or have been waiting until after the winter months to get it replaced. If you’ve had your roof replaced, please contact us! It is important to update your policy to reflect the changes. READ MORE >>

Over the past several months, I have had the privilege to have worked for this amazing small insurance agency. Lori and I have been talking about what our "BRAND" is for Union Colony Insurance. Essentially, who are we? As we grow, it is no longer just Lori and Mark. READ MORE >>

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