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| 438 Words | 3 Minute Read | It can be frustrating not knowing what type of coverage you have against water damage vs. flood damage vs. sewage damage. It's all water isn't it? Yes and it all can damage your home.  Here are some questions we frequently get in the office. READ MORE >>

| 1230 Words | 5 Min Read | Wow! Who saw that coming? When you look outside your business or your home and you see this…    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of your first sinking thoughts are, “I hope I don’t have any damage!” READ MORE >>

Reduce the Risk of a Home Break In While On Vacation | 742 Words | 4 min read | The sand was warm and fun to bury your feet into. The sun gave you a smooth tan. The water was refreshing and was the playpen for the kids for a week. READ MORE >>

| 296 words | 2 min read | As a personal lines insurance agent, we help many people protect their house. But we also want to help your house be a home.  We were reminded this Easter weekend summer is right around the corner. We are having a gorgeous spring, although we still need rain! READ MORE >>

| 2 Min Read | 135 words | After last summer, many of you are still on a waiting list to get your roof repaired or have been waiting until after the winter months to get it replaced. If you’ve had your roof replaced, please contact us! It is important to update your policy to reflect the changes. READ MORE >>

| 295 words | 2 min read | Daylight Savings: "Just a reminder for the weekend that Monday will be happening an hour earlier..."  Here is a list of simple home tasks to perform while changing your clocks for Daylight Savings. These tasks only require completion a couple times a year and can be easily overlooked. READ MORE >>

The War on the Thermostat   Mid July… These words for a Coloradoan can come with a certain amount of trepidation. Just last week, we hovered awfully close to the 100 °F as our high temperature. (Though I say we passed the 100 °F mark because in my car, whom I’ve lovingly named Gwen, she said that it was 104 °F. READ MORE >>

How to Handle the Franks In Your Life (AKA How to Handle Nuisance Alarms from Smoke Detectors)   Remember in school when your teacher or the local visiting fire authority told you to make sure you check your smoke detectors in your homes every month? READ MORE >>

The final installment is here! If you haven’t been following along, these past weeks have been dedicated to the process of buying a home. First, we asked you 4 questions you had to answer before you could start your search, which you can read here. READ MORE >>

Last week we started a discussion on the buzzing housing market, going over the four questions that every potential homebuyer must ask before diving into the process. If you haven't taken a look: do so here! We know that wasn’t fun. What you really want to do is go house hunting! READ MORE >>

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