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  Over the last month, we have experienced hail like we haven’t seen in several years. An article we did in July discussed how to prepare for hail (before it hits). Now let us talk about what you can do, post hailstorm. Below are 5 tips to keep in mind while navigating through the repair stage. READ MORE >>

  Hail. For those of us living in northern Colorado it seems like we get hit with a hailstorm every other day. In 2018 alone, hail damages have already cost Coloradans 900 million dollars. Last years damages totaled over 2.3 billion, a staggering figure. When the next big hailstorm comes, will you be prepared? READ MORE >>

Recipe of the Month: Mustardy Grilled Corn & Sausage KabobsGrilling and hamburgers are summer staples.  Here is an alternative option for corn harvest!   READ MORE >>

The heartfelt story of a Colorado minister who faced death and came out on top. After a terrible accident Doug Zinkle had a choice. Succumb to his injuries (which included a lacerated spine) like most folks would have; or lean into his faith, and the support of his loving family. READ MORE >>

    Start off the summer right by combining two hometown staples, drumsticks, and lemonade. A zesty dinner treat that will have everyone talking! check back next month for another amazing meal or desert idea.   *Japanese breadcrumb (or Panko) is just a suggestion for extra crunch. READ MORE >>

| 389 Words | 2 Min Read | D. Hiester | After 5 years with Union Colony Insurance, we say goodbye to Kerry, who consistently made us all laugh, scratch our heads, and say, “Oh Kerry…” so many times. Kerry has accepted a position in Cheyenne, Wyoming working with the National Guard. READ MORE >>

| 273 Words | 2 Min Read | D. Hiester | How Storms May Affect Your Home or Business Over the last month, Northern Colorado and the surrounding areas have experienced some crazy storms. Are you aware how storms can or may affect your home or business? Our friends at ServPro have some tips on preparing for the storms to come: READ MORE >>

Here is a recipe that is as fun and flavorful as the Month of May! A little tip from us: Be sure not to use too much filling! Overfilling the crust won't let the inside cook well!    READ MORE >>