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Union Colony Insurance Blog: 7_2017

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 | J. Figgs & L. Granberg | 460 Words | 3 Minute Read | Driving down the highway after Kerry’s week at National Guard duty, he spotted a stranded car a few miles outside of Cheyenne. Always the Good Samaritan, he decided to turn around and see if they needed help. READ MORE >>


| 530 Words | J.Figgs | 3 Minute Read | As I was driving from one workplace to another around 1:00 pm today, the thermometer read 110°F! I can tolerate heat but this is when I begin to call the weather excessively hot. Unfortunately, many work conditions require outside work or work places without air conditioning. READ MORE >>

  | 340 Words | 2 Min Read | Imagine spending 4th of July with the whole family gathered for a BBQ. Burgers are cooking, fireworks are being shot off, what could be better? Except someone is not there. A brother, sister, husband or wife is unable to make it due to their heroic service overseas. READ MORE >>

If you are a fan of marinades and grilling, consider this grilled marinate chicken recipe. It also tastes great if your not a fan of horseradish. Always follow good grilling procedures when firing up the grill. We don't want to get a call saying that your house has burnt down because of burnt chicken! READ MORE >>

 “And we'll have fun fun fun now that daddy took the T-bird away..." -Beach Boys Our community is made up of individuals who work hard, support a family, and give back to those in need. But some of the most joyous times through the week come when we take the time to have fun with one another. READ MORE >>

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