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Union Colony Insurance Blog: 10_2016

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Well, Halloween is right around the corner. Just don't get too frightened when turning that corner! And as always, this is typically the time where you may have been invited to that one Halloween/costume party gathering and you still don't know what to wear.  READ MORE >>

What affects your auto insurance rates? Many factors! Last week we looked at location and which state has the highest and lowest auto insurance premiums. If you want cheap auto insurance, live in Maine. If you want expensive auto insurance, live in Michigan. READ MORE >>

 Imagine going about your day on a normal basis. What item, if lost, would provide you with the most panic? It could be your car keys, that document your working on at work or school, but I imagine several of you may have said your wallet or purse.  READ MORE >>

The world of insurance and how much you pay in insurance premiums can be as confusing as how the dryer can lose so many of your socks. Seriously, is there an internal, hidden abyss in there? I am not an underwriter for insurance but we can look at different lists of what may affect your auto insurance premium. READ MORE >>

Dave Ramsey had a recent article titled, "Are You Losing Money By Overlooking These 9 Details?" Read his full article here. At Union Colony Insurance, we wanted to look into some of these potential detail overlooks and see what we could find. READ MORE >>

 Today is #NationalFarmersDay a day when we thank farmers for the so often thankless job they perform. At Union Colony Insurance, we insure many farms, dairies, farm equipment, livestock, crops, and love our farming community. READ MORE >>

As the weather changes, the wind starts blowing, and the leaves falling, at Union Colony Insurance we are also departing from one season and arriving to the next. One of these seasonal changes is in the form of our Charity of the Quarter program! For the past couple of quarters, we have proudly supported Helping Heroes Fly. READ MORE >>

If you haven't noticed by now, we love to support and encourage our Greeley, Weld County, and Northern Colorado Community. This also includes family, as family matters. (Que the Family Matters theme tune...) So today we want to give a shout out to Dev Granberg, Lori and Mark's son.  READ MORE >>

I am a twenty-something year old, a millennial you might say. I recently graduated with a business degree with honors in DEBT. I am currently climbing out of the dark pit of debt, realizing that I’ll be climbing for the next 7 years or so. Sounds exhausting. READ MORE >>

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