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Umbrella Policies can be an important part of your comprehensive insurance plan. 

 Umbrella policies cover for  losses above the limit of your current business,  homeowners and auto insurance. 

  • Umbrella Policies are typically written to provide you with $1 million to $5 million in added liability protection.

  • Umbrella insurance is not just for the wealthy.  It's for everyone that wants to protect their assets with comprehensive affordable protection.

  • Umbrella policies typically offer worldwide coverage.

  • Defense coverage for attorney's fees and other legal costs is an option for many umbrella packages.

Farmers, Ranchers & Business owners alike, find that adding an Umbrella policy to their insurance plan is not only common practice, but a necessary part to insuring their assets.

are also understanding the importance of protecting their personal assets with an umbrella policy.

Excess Insurance is also an option and is similar to Umbrella insurance in that it offers excess protection above your current policies.  Ask you Union Colony Insurance expert to help you decide what best fits your protection plan. 

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